About Us

WSUP-ryanlookup1.opt HISTORY… in the making

A couple years ago, I was introduced to Stand Up Paddling by one of my best friends when SUP’ing was just in its “rebirth” and still very new to Barbados. My friend had an extra board that was a little to small for him and he invited me to come along for a leisurely paddle. After my first experience standing above the water and seeing so much more than I ever had when Surfed (on a regular Surf board), I was hooked. Within months I had bought my own board and was trying everything from SUP Surfing to Races to long down-wind paddles. Over the next two years, more and more people would approach me as I was returning to the beach from a Paddle or surf session and ask me to teach them this exciting new sport or hobby. My board was way to small to teach most beginners on and some of my friends even took offense that I refused (trust me guys, you should thank me).

By December 2011, I had decided to take the plunge and set up this company to help people learn and love SUP’ing as much as I do. Armed with only my wits (and my arms),in March 2012, myself and my cousin “Mikie” attended a WPA – World Paddleboard Association Certification course in Jupiter beach, Florida to seal the deal and get What SUP Barbados off the ground and moving (or on the water if you prefer). Of course there were a few small issues, like quitting my 9 to 5 job, buying a vehicle and building a trailer and of course lets not forget the Boards and Paddles! As you can hopefully see, it all worked out and today we are the best Mobile SUP Company in Barbados!


Sunset-Jeep-cropMOBILE SUP LESSONS… What does “Mobile” mean?

Well we all mostly know what mobile means, but in this case it means that we are not tied or stuck in one location… we can go to the best spots to paddle on any given day… or even bring the boards and lessons to you at your convenience (Of course there are a few prerequisites for that – such as easy beach access and calm water without rocks or reef). For small Groups (2 to 4 people) we can also pick you up, take you to a suitable beach, give the lesson and then drop you back to your hotel, villa or guest house! Call us for details.

Currently we have 12 SUP boards of various sizes and can handle groups up to 10 people.





I am WPA (World Paddleboard Association) Certified and also Paddle Fit Level 2 certified as well. I am a local Barbadian or “Bajan” who has grown up Fishing, Surfing, Diving and swimming around the Island… in short, I know what’s “guine on ’bout hey so”.
My aim is to make everyone comfortable and to have a great SUP experience!

Our lessons include: SUP Board, Paddle, Leash and bottle water afterwards.

Paddle-fit-level2NOTE: all participants must be able to swim and should expect to have a good time! You will be required to sign a liability waiver and anyone under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign for them.

What to Bring: We provide all the necessary gear for a great SUP experience, but participants should have a towel and sunscreen or “rash guard” for Sunny days on the water. If you feel comfortable on the board, you can wear a hat and shades at your own risk (some cheap shades will work for the hour you are on the water).